Plant Nursery

The nursery can produce seedlings for the project and also for the growers of the same region. Its area is 2500 m2 and it can produce seedlings for 100 ha greenhouse. The nursery includes all equipment for ventilation (ventilators), refrigeration (pad cooling), energy saving (Reflective screen), radiation and temperature reduction (shade nets), drying of the leaves (circulation fans), fertilization, irrigation, and fumigation. Furthermore, in the nursery we have additional equipment:
Aluminum tables of 80 cm height for putting sawing plates. The sawing is being done in organic substrate with vermiculite.
Mobile irrigation boom that ensures good seedling development by automatic and uniform irrigation.
Automatic sowing machine: sowing trays of different holes and size. The accurate sowing by this machine permits to save seeds that are generally very expensive. This machine includes also a Substrate mixer with timing system to control the water dose and the mixing time.

In conclusion, the seedlings obtained in the nursery have a good root system that ensures a good development of the plants in the greenhouses.