Project Questionnaire


  • Everest Open
  • Everest Open/Close
  • Everest Close
  • Jasmine
  • Mifratz Open
  • Mifratz Open/Close
  • Mini Greenhouse
  • Taj 112


With window permanently opened
- Designated for areas where the temperature doesn't
drop below 10 degrees for tomato growing and
doesn't exceed 15 degrees for capsicum growing
- The window opened permanently 1.40 meter, while
raining reduces the humidity minimally inside the
- The windows protected from winds
(17.5% ventilation from the roof area)
- Asymmetric model, reduces the sun shine on the
morning till the noon, as a result the temperature
drops 4 degrees. From the afternoon till the evening
increases the sun shine. This technique is a big
advantage for the growing process (relatively to the
symmetric models)
- The condensation water doesn't ski to the greenhouse's
- A structure semi free of welding
- The whole construction made of galvanized steel and
closed profiles
- The plastic closure made with aluminum profile
- Resistant to wind up to 150 km/hr. and trellising
of 25 kg/sqm