Project Questionnaire

Packing Houses

The packing house has been constructed according to the international standards. Its area is 4.700 m2 and can pack a production of 100 ha greenhouses.

Structure The packing structure is done from galvanized iron. The galvanized iron has the big advantage of preventing corrosion, particularly in humid zones. The corrosive material can drop on the fruits and eliminate them for exportation. The packing house is ventilated well and isolated by isolating material, in order to maintain low and uniform temperatures. The doors are electrical. The sides and the roof of the packing house are covered by galvanized "Ascorit" material that is painted in white color for reflect the radiation excess.

Electronic sorting machine This machine selects the fruits according to their size, weight and color. It can wash the fruits with cold and warm water until 50 degrees centigrade. This water is disinfected by chlorine, in order to kill all pathogens that damage the fruits in the packing house and during the transportation. The packaging of the fruits is being doing according the European, American and Canadian standards.

Refrigeration Frigorific rooms installed in the packing house permit to store the fruits at required temperatures according to the fruit type. In order to save electrical energy, each frigorific room can refrigerate according to the fruits quantity that arrive to the packing house.